Calgary Round Up Band – Music N Motion 2012

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9 Responses to “Calgary Round Up Band – Music N Motion 2012”

  1. Cassie Cowan says:

    its funny cos u can hear the outriders in the background playing im walking
    on sunshine. i remember that.

  2. BUTTERBOY6658 says:

    arent we all in white hats? lol

  3. Dmaniac99 says:

    i almost get hit by three girls in black in just one song HESUS

  4. Megamanfan314 says:

    Good job Round-up! <3 -Tenor sax from stetsons ;)

  5. Cassie Cowan says:

    I see me!

  6. Marina Macias says:

    :) exactly

  7. Gabby Loughlean says:

    Jenine Fraser was my band teacher! but she left to go to a high school band
    this year, but im joining show band so i still get to see her! Clarinets
    all the way!

  8. lala loopsy says:

    Movement 5=mindblown.

  9. Marina Macias says:

    Im the one in the white hat! :D